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The Connection Between Allowing & Happiness

When we are centered in a state of allowing, infinite possibilities become open to us.

However, when we decide exactly how things should be and then try to force it into fruition, we are blocking our greatest good. This is very easy to say but requires mastering to live! As we grow up in this society, we are often conditioned to believe that external circumstances will make us “happy.”

The right school, career, body, friends, home, money, and lover are some of the common “carrots” held out in front of us beckoning our pursuit.

The path of following anything outside of ourselves to “make” us happy never works. Why? Because true happiness comes from the internal connection with ourselves and The Divine.

Once we have made this connection everything shifts.

We realize those things we once thought would bring us happiness are instead experiences through which we are meant to express the joy we feel. When we understand this and get out of our own way, an entire new life of possibilities opens up.

We shift from focusing our attention on what we can do to make us happy to actually being happy regardless of the external circumstances.  We step back, trust, and know that there is only good meant for us and let it come in.

We love, laugh, and live feeling the good and then expressing it outwardly to others and the world.  The pleasures of life become multiplied along with the awareness of how to enjoy each of them along the way.  Food taste better, the sky turns bluer, and loving others becomes purely joyful because there is not an attachment to receiving anything in return.

When we allow we are saying “Yes!” to happiness flowing from within and outwardly to everyone and everything. It is quite an art worth mastering!

Bree Maresca-Kramer,M.A., is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.