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Finding Love Where You Least Expect It!

Now more than ever it is important for us all to witness the “love!”

What do I mean by this?

In every case, no matter how bad the picture looks, there are rays of love that come through it.

For instance, looking at the outpouring of compassion, care, and outreach that has occurred since the shooting in Connecticut is a great example. People from across the nation and world are sending positive thoughts and prayers along with support to families they have never met…a beautiful expression of love.

Generally, when we hear the word “love” most often our thoughts will go to the idealized romantic version of the word.

However, what I am referring to here is the Principal of Love, which is found in the best of human nature—care, kindness, compassion, empathy, helping others, thoughtfulness, generosity and gentleness.

On a daily basis, I work with men and women who are in pain and struggling with their relationships. Frequently, their struggles come from the fact that they have forgotten to come from a place of love with one another. Instead, they are trying to get something from their partner. It may be attention, validation, sex, affection, or even love that they are seeking to receive.  The ironic and painful part of this is when any of us seek to “get” from others we end up empty handed.

The true path to love is to feel it inside first and then extend it out to others.

Love is within and all around us.

All we have to do is pay attention and then we are able to see and feel it.

What if you were to go through each moment of the day looking for these expressions of love? How would your life change?

For example what if you found the love in…

  • A friendly smile from a store clerk
  • The excited greeting from your dog that you just saw one hour ago
  • A wave of thanks from a fellow driver whom you let into your  lane
  • A song that comes on just at the moment you need to hear the lyrics
  • A co-worker remembering your birthday
  • The first blossom from the plant you planted from a seed
  • An old friend calling to check on you just because you were on their mind
  • A family member reaching out to say they are sorry for hurting your feelings
  • Finding the exact inspirational message you need at the moment you need it
  • A neighbor bringing you soup when they heard you were sick
  • Your lover telling you how very special you are in their life

Then, once you got the hang of finding the love in unexpected places you decided to express it in unexpected ways to everyone you come in contact with.

Can you imagine if each of us did this how the world would change in an instant?

Go ahead…be brave and bold…find and give the love unexpected ways!

I would love to hear how it goes for you! You can share your story with me at bree@itsthatsimple.ws

Bree Maresca-Kramer is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.