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How To Spot The “Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em” Type

When a woman is looking for a man she never says to herself, “I really want to find a guy who is going to manipulate me, have sex with me and then dump me!”

Never! Rather, she optimistically looks for a great guy and the happily ever after life with him.

So why do so many single women end up alone and heart-broken after they gave him their time, body, and heart? Quite frankly because they miss the red flags that shout he is not a keeper but a keep on walking by him kind of man.

If you are looking for your great guy and want to avoid wasting your time and needless pain be sure to watch out for these signs:

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Type Clue #1:

Fast & Furious!

This kind of man will come on very strong and tell you everything you want to hear. He will sweep you off your feet with telling you how incredibly sexy and desirable you are. He is doing this to move fast to get you into bed as quickly as possible.

This is his modus operandi because it is all a big game to him!

He is interested in one thing and one thing only and that is another conquest. This kind of man does not like to take up too much of his time to add another notch to his belt, so he pushes to move you quickly to sleep with him. If this does not happen within his time frame, he will promptly move onto the next unsuspecting, trusting woman.

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Type Clue #2:

His Language!

A wise woman listens carefully to the words a man is using when he is pursuing her. If the majority of his language involves how attractive, sexy, and desirable you are, move on! The key word here is “majority.” When a man is interested in you, he will tell you these types of things, however it will not be the entirety of his compliments to you.

A man who is looking for a real relationship will tell you what qualities he wants in his mate. He will share such things as, “I am looking for a woman who is positive, intelligent, faith-based, likes to have fun, wants marriage and children…” etc.

Usually, the qualities he is looking for are the opposite of what he has experienced that did not work with his past relationships. For instance, if his ex was overly emotional, he will say that he is looking for a woman who is happy and secure.

The key here is to listen carefully to what he is telling you. A man who wants a real relationship with you makes it very clear.

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Type Clue #3:

His Effort Level!

If a man wants you, he will move mountains to get you. This is an absolute without any exceptions to it at all. If he wants to win your heart he will do whatever is in his power to do so. When a man falls for you he is extremely motivated to do all he can to have you fall for him as well.

However, if he is just interested in having sex with you, he will also move mountains to make that happen. He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear in order to get you into bed. Therefore, being able to discern what he truly wants from you is vital.

If you are not sure what he actually wants just ask him. If he side steps the question or says something to the effect that he “just wants to have fun and see where it leads,” get out!

Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Type Clue #4:

His Lifestyle!

You can tell much about a man’s moral fiber by the way he lives his life.  Since being a player crosses over all socio-economic lines, it does not depend on his job or career, he could be a garbage man or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. What matters is the way he lives his life.

That is why it is important to watch and learn about him. Look to see if he is kind and generous to others, has a faith, has good relationships with his friends and family members, and notice what types of people he associates with. The old saying that “birds of a feather flock together” is very true. Players hang out with other players or men who think that sleeping with as many women as possible is an amazing thing.

The great news is that there are wonderful good men out there looking to find a good woman to love and marry.

It is absolutely possible to find him when you know what to avoid!

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