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Podcast: What Is Unconditional Love?

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What Is Unconditional Love?Harold W. Becker is the founder and President of the internationally active nonprofit organization, The Love Foundation Inc., with the vision of “inspiring people to love unconditionally.” Author of Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being, his pragmatic approach has helped countless individuals around the globe realize and embrace their natural power of love that is always within. Harold shares a simple and practical understanding of unconditional love.

 What Is Unconditional Love?

  • Why did you decide to focus and specialize on a unique message of unconditional love?
  • What is your definition for unconditional love?
  • Why do you feel self-awareness and loving ourselves is important to us as individuals?
  • What is the first step to loving yourself unconditionally?

To learn more about Harold W. Becker and his vision of love, visit www.internalinsights.com and The Love Foundation www.thelovefoundation.com For daily inspiration visit the various social pages. Harold’s books, including Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being are available via Amazon.com.

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