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Podcast: Taming The Melt Down Madness

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Podcast: Taming The Meltdown Madness Danielle Ratcliff is the co-author of the new book Your Sanity Guide to Taming the Melt Down Madness with Kelly Mettler. Together they have worked with families on behavior management and psychology for a combined 35 years.

Taming The Melt Down Madness

  • You talk about the concept of “the compass” in your book. How can this help children?
  • What are three important things that a parent needs to know in dealing with difficult children?
  • When you talk about a preparation plan in the book, what are some strategies that you can use to help parents be and feel more successful?
  • In dealing with a difficult temperament child, what is one thing that you would offer to parents dealing with similar issues?
  • What other training or education opportunities do you offer on “Taming the Meltdown Madness”?

If you are interested in finding out more on how to work with children who are behaviorally challenged visit Danielle and Kelly from Empower Life Skills at www.EmpowerDLS.com, they offer individual parenting sessions and workshops.

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