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Podcast: Language-Learning Tools For The Intrepid Traveler

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Ellen Jovin is the creator of the Words & Worlds of New York website, a unique resource for people seeking to enrich their travel experiences by learning a bit of the local language before arriving. Sounds great – but who has the time to take a class and learn a new language? Ellen is here to offer tips to help busy people teach themselves!

Language-Learning Tools for the Intrepid Traveler

  • How did you go about studying all those languages?
  • How can other people go about studying on their own?
  • How does language-learning affect one’s travel experiences? Why not just take along a phrasebook?
  • What are some common language-learning myths that get in people’s way, and how can you help them overcome them?
  • What if you have time to learn just a little before a trip? Is that still worth it?

To find out more about Ellen’s language-learning tips and product reviews, please visit her website Words & Worlds of New York.  She is constantly adding more resources and languages!

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