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How I Managed The Fear Of Losing My Job

For 20 years I had a rough time getting through each day.

It was scary and very tough especially during the week because I had to go to work the next day.

How will I be able to go to work and do my job when my fears and anxiety are overwhelming me? I also was afraid that I would lose my job because of my mental health issues. Here are some suggestions I came up with that helped ease my fears.

Going to work every day and dealing with my anxieties was very tough. I realized I had to take it one day at a time. I made it a habit not to worry about getting through the week but instead getting through the day. I took it one day at a time.

Secondly I developed a notebook of various ways on how I managed my fears and anxieties. These notes contained many positive statements that made me feel better. I would take these notes with me to work. When I would feel anxious I would take a 2 minute break and read my notes, which helped a lot.

I also listened to some calming music on my radio set. This helped me to relax and helped me to manage my negative thinking at my job. Instead of worrying, I listened to my favorite music and did my job. Many people can do their job and listen to the radio at the same time.

Take control of your own career instead of  relying on your current employer. My job was important but I wanted to have some control of my own career. For example, I updated my resume to make it more current, I studied the different ways to do a job search, and I tried to have a feel of what kinds of jobs I liked. This way if something should happen that I lost my job I would not be thrown into the street. I had a plan in case something would happen.

Finally, I developed a budget and managed my finances. This way if something did happen that I did lose my job, I would not be financially ruined. If you know you struggle with fear and anxiety, start to organize your  finances.

Having a sense of control over your career and finances helps reduced my fears of losing my job and the fear of becoming homeless.

I learned to plan ahead.

Most importantly, talk to a mental health counselor who can give you additional advice. He or she can give you many other ideas on how to manage your career and your mental health. Many companies offer medical leave for its employees and there are many government programs you can use to help you get by. Talk to your counselor on how best to approach your employer or take advantage of these government programs.

Remember that you are not alone and with proper planning you will be in a better position of dealing with your career and mental health issues.

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