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Podcast: How To Use Guided Meditation To Overcome Adversity

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How To Use Guided Meditation To Overcome AdversitySpiritual Life Coach Cristie Davis specializes in guided meditations and believes attitude is everything and that meditation is the key to achieving a happy, optimistic perspective for enhanced wellbeing.

 How To Use Guided Meditation To Overcome Adversity

  • What’s the difference between a guided meditation and simply going at it on your om?
  • Can beginners just youtube guided meditations?
  • What benefits will you receive?
  • Besides meditation, how else do you help clients achieve balance and happiness?
  • What’s the first step for a rookie meditator?

To learn more about Cristie Davis, please visit www.ameditationcelebration.com and you can also connect with her on facebook at A Meditation Celebration.

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