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Forget What You Have Lost

Sometimes, our lives can change swiftly.

beautiful woman traveling on a vintage carAside from the death of a loved one, change may actually be a good thing. If you are moving out of a long-term relationship, such as divorce, changing jobs/careers or retiring, dealing with a midlife crisis or any other challenge that causes you to question all that you are losing, I want you to redirect your thinking.

You have a choice. You can either dwell on what’s missing or you can look to the future. You can either focus on all you’ve had or you can imagine all that you can have. Actually, realize you have gained so much by this “loss” and that is a good thing!

Look over the list below and apply whichever ones fit your particular situation. Tell yourself, “Because of this loss, I have gained…”

  • Renewed confidence, self-respect, dignity
  • A new sense of freedom, acceptance and excitement
  • Broader horizons, no restrictions, no limitations
  • Awesome wonder, optimism, hope
  • Courage, empowerment and fortitude
  • New friends, goals, motivation
  • Pride, appreciation and gratefulness
  • Valuable insights, self-awareness, greater personal knowledge

When you look at things this way, it becomes easier to let go of the past and embrace the future with a new enthusiasm. Be brave enough to leave behind what seems familiar and comforting and venture into unexplored territories.

Just find one positive thing that inspires you from your experience and you’ll notice tons of other things will be close behind. Pretty soon you won’t remember how things were before, because you’re living your new life and growing accustomed to the new you.

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1978, I thought I would never lead a “normal” life again.

There would be food restrictions, physical limitations, feelings of being apart and of course the stigma of having a disease. In actuality, the disease put me in a better mindset to live my life healthier, more positively and with greater determination and courage. It set me on a path of renewal, rejuvenation and healing.

Understand that the changes you are going through are not always bad and that you are often given tools to generate the best possible outcome in line with your vision for the future. Be grateful for the changes, as it is part of the journey to living your best life.

Amy Sherman is a blogger with JenningsWire Online Magazine. You can read more posts by Amy here.

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