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Embrace Each Others’ Inherent Value-Stop Making One Another Sick

Embrace Each Others' Inherent Value-Stop Making One Another SickI’m alarmed at existing resistance toward trusting wellness in others.

This is prevalent in circles of spiritual teachers, therapists, and healers. Listening to others’ goodness, instead of looking for pathology, affirms good in all.  This brings Satsang into real life.

Nothing changed since days of Carl Rodgers and Gloria. In 1965, Gloria was treated by three practitioners. Carl practiced embracing who she was, listening to what she said, assuming that was perfectly valid. Other practitioners directed her to see what wasn’t right with her. Converting someone into what we wish for our own comfort is not healthy.  Their use of authoritarian pathologizing won her surrender to their assumptions, over her own self-respect. This healed nothing. In the long run, she realized their treatment was hurtful, lacking in value. Carl’s ability to behold her as she was, had lasting positive effects.

I have taught Evolved Communication (Copyright Dr. Laurie Moore ) since the eighties. Using this style, we practice witnessing each person plus their sharing with gratitude. We work with the assumption that the person plus their sharing has inherent value as is. We note what their sharing inspires in us. Rather than take on God-roles by telling people that they should think differently, feel differently, and behave differently, we embrace. We trust that embracing one another in his /her Divine perfection, stimulates natural re-alignments. This practice is simple though not easy. People struggle to let themselves experience it.

Something glorious births forward. I have lead hundreds of groups across the Hawaii islands, USA, California, Mexico, and in Europe. People discover the majesty and innate unique genius in each other. People melt back into an unconditional love that naturally breeds a compassion and caring society. Wounds heal without forced intervention, free of negative emotional side effects. PEOPLE BIRTH INTO HIGHER VIBRATIONAL-AWAREESS OF ONENESS AS REALITY BEYOND CONCEPT. I have hundreds of people who attest to the experiences they had from the simplicity of this practice in a group. The result is awakening into states of unconditional love, peace, and oneness-awareness within real life contexts. Numerous people tell me they experienced this for the first time.

What will you give up spiritual teachers, therapists, and healers if you stop playing God, stop assuming everyone has a problem, and see the good? You will give up your false ego, your false power, and your arrogance which is only boomeranging back on you, turning into low self-esteem, and cyclical pain.

What will you gain? You will transform back into deeply loving experiences of self and other that are fully different from the fix it/fear paradigm. You will find out that people you needed to correct are actually Divine’s Geniuses and contributions. You will see that life has all kinds of feelings and thoughts that are absolutely fine. You will find Satsang in real life instead of a cave or a concept. You will find more self-honor blooming in yourself. You will enter realms of vibrational contentment and depth that could never have been imagined conceptually. I speak from facilitating hundreds of gatherings. I am not theorizing from assumption, repetition of another’s dogma, or speculation.

The fear of this simplicity in my colleague circles surprises me. One person feared being in- authentic if he witnessed others’ unique wellness in place of offering re-direction to others. Since when does everyone need to be redirected? What is authentic about the critical mind splashing on what is naturally well? What about noting the glorious wisdom of artistry each one finds within the immensely complex collection of circumstances and human characteristics one exists?

Do you have a clue about how much each other one is orchestrating in any given moment, just to participate on earth?

We do not need to fit each other into boxes of psychological and spiritual ideas that are barely human. Show me one person whose life is anything like the ideals that are being preached. Certainly not the preachers.

I am here to offer this precious gem for those who wish to drink from the water of such. I am here to offer the beauty in the chalice of imperfection. If you would like to give it a try, I offer the experience.  I will be happy to dialogue with you if you try. But if you don’t give this a try, I am not here to argue with you. There is clean water to your right and polluted water to your left. I am only offering you a cup.

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