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The Power Nap

For decades, I’ve found that it’s really refreshing to follow my body’s clues and take that late afternoon siesta.

For whatever reason, like clockwork, I start to shut down around 3 PM, and I found over the years that if I don’t follow these cues and take that brief nap, I’m like a zombie and my brain doesn’t work well.

Several people have told me they also experience a lull, a crash, a biorhythmic drop at certain times of day, usually the late afternoon.

Remarkably, I can fall asleep instantaneously at these times, whereas at nighttime I practically need knockout drops to drift off to sleep.  I can lie on my back with an eye cushion blotting out the light and be off in mere moments.

The sleep is deep because I dream.  When I wake up, it might be 15 minutes, it might be a half an hour, but it’s like a reboot.  I don’t have a foggy period.

There is a slowness to my recovery but it’s definitely a fresh start, and then my mental and physical energy gradually pick up until I’m back up to speed after a short time.

There are cultures such as Spain’s that support an interval after eating and before the evening’s hub-bub, and there are more and more enlightened office designs that are providing cots or quiet areas where napsters can rotate, and interludes can be taken.

Rather than being counterproductive to the company’s bottom line, this could even improve performance and accelerate productivity.

Not all people can take the power nap; it seems to be related to your physical disposition.

Such people fall asleep and zone out, remaining asleep for an hour or two, and their recovery time is very slow.  These are people who prefer to go flat-out all day long, and get their sleep at night.  But for those of us who enjoy the power nap and are refreshed by it, I say more power to you.  Let the world go by for that short interlude while you reconnect with your inner self and revitalize your energy system.

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