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I’m sure you know several tried and true methods to change a negative mood.

Businessman Stuck On Spider WebThese might include things as simple as taking a nap, taking a drive, having a cup of tea, putting a smile on your face, or any other number of diversions.  Now that Saturn and Neptune are in square aspect to each other, gloom often prevails, and we could use other more powerful techniques.

The most powerful to be considered is the one I’ve called The Quantum Shift, explained in my new book “The Wisdom Keys”.  It’s a practice that can alter your disposition fundamentally and turn your gloomiest moods if not into joy, at least into a calm, peaceful and neutral mindset.

In order to understand what The Quantum Shift is, and how to do it, we first must get to the root of depression.  Regardless of what type of event you’re living through, its ramifications to your health, relationships, career, parenting, or whatever, you have to understand that you are creating it moment to moment by the story you’re telling yourself about it.

You’re constructing a narrative.

The narrative might be based on what you’ve already lived through so that you’re going over it, around and in and out, again and again, chewing it and grinding it into the fibers of your being… or it may be that your thoughts are perpetually gloomy about life in general and you keep drawing to yourself events that “prove” it by mirroring that which you are expecting.

OK, so fundamentally the method first requires that you acknowledge, accept, and take responsibility for your personal narrative.  This is big.  Most people can’t do it.  Most people would rather put the blame on the rest of the world, and continue to enjoy being the victim.  So we have a huge first step of acknowledging the creation of reality based upon personal thought forms.

Well, having come to this realization, now you can work with this.  Whether events are depressing you, or your thoughts about events are depressing you, it’s the same thing.  You can now make a different decision simply by choosing to have a different thought.  Wow, that sounds pretty simplistic!  If you’re angry, find something else to think about then and there – it could be about the angering situation, or it could be about something totally different.  Nevertheless, you will disrupt your continuous thought form and replace it with something different.  (Notice, I didn’t say “better”; I just said “different”.)

Emotions are thus similarly disrupted.

And a powerful emotion connected to your previous narrative – which could be fear, rage, or gloom – can be disrupted as easily as that by a changed or replaced thought.  A disrupted emotion means it stops.  It shifts gear.  You, “inside” that emotion, may be bewildered for a moment.  Something has shifted; it’s changed.  The entire swirl of thoughts, actualities, and beliefs that you were just so deeply entangled with has given way.  You’re in a new pattern.

You can take advantage of this by recognizing what has happened.  You can go with the new, and hopefully better, pattern by enjoying different thoughts about a very changed perspective or revised reality, and in so doing you can feel a little victory.  A victory over yourself; a victory over negativity; a victory over the clutches of depression.

This disruption and change is called The Quantum Shift because it happens instantaneously.  You who are in one reality are suddenly in a different reality.  You’ve passed through a doorway.  No doubt this will take practice.  It is similar to Buddhist mindfulness.  You have to be mindful of what reality you’re in, and make decisions consciously and responsibly to move yourself into a different reality.  This gives you power – control and power over the self.  (This is another theme for later: what happens transformationally under a Pluto station.  To be continued…) Meanwhile, enjoy your newfound ability to get yourself out of your funk within seconds.  Hooray!


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