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Podcast: Mega Nutritious Meals For The Modern Family

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Tina Ruggiero is an award winning nutrition expert, registered dietician, on-air nutrition personality for the national morning talk showDaytime on NBC, and a nutrition and health writer for the Tampa Tribune where she covers topics including healthy eating and living, food science, diet and cooking.

Her new book, The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook, gives the family meal a face-lift, refreshing tired menus with exciting options that will satisfy with big flavor.

Mega Nutritious Meals for the Modern Family

  • Are people confused about what to eat and feed their families?
  • Can getting caught up in the “eat this not that” trap hurt you?
  • How do you make healthy cooking and living a habit?
  • What is the number one thing you can do today to start eating more nutritiously?
  • If you could recommend one new ingredient to explore and fall in love with, what would it be?

Tina Ruggiero’s new book, The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook, is available now for order on Amazon.com. For more nutrition news and healthy recipes, visit TinaRuggiero.com  and follow her on Twitter @Tina_Ruggiero.

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