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American Crime: A True Life Story

Have you ever felt that you have been discriminated against?

View Of The Capitol BuildingWe’re not just talking about a specific culture or race. Everybody seems to go through it no matter what nationality you are but, in this case, African Americans seem to receive the bulk of the discrimination. ABC network airs a shows based on individuals who have had some type of discrimination against them.

A caucasian couple is going through a divorce and the husband can’t find a job because he has a record. The couple has two sons, one which is about to marry outside of his race which angers his mother. He makes the decision not to have anything to do with her because of how she feels and states that there is not a prejudice bone in her body.

An African American male who is dating a Caucasian female is accused of rape and sent to prison. Both partaking in drugs. The young lady claims that she loves this man and can’t live without him. Her parents have convinced her to file charges to keep him in prison while the male’s sister, who is Muslim, is fighting for equal rights to a fair trial to get him out of prison.

A few days ago, a friend and I were sitting down to eat lunch. We noticed an altercation between a Caucasian patron and the African American cook who worked at the restaurant. The patron insisted that a “white man” cooks his food, instead of a “black man”. It’s hard to believe that these instances still exist and few people are standing up to acts of prejudice. It is time we start doing something about racism and exclusion. What if your son or daughter was ridiculed for being gay or even just dressing different? Not all people are bad but, there are several that show their true colors and it’s heartbreaking.


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