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Podcast: What’s It Mean – Shifting To Green?

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Podcast: What’s It Mean – Shifting To Green?Kathryn Alexander MA founded The Art of Leadership – Impact! because she realized that we have gotten leadership all wrong! She is also author of What’s It Mean – Shifting To Green? which discusses how sustainability has been misunderstood or maybe not understood, and that we have been mesmerized by short-term thinking when the current challenges require a long-term vision.

What’s It Mean – Shifting To Green?

  • What do you mean by “Sustainability?”
  • Why is leadership such a big thing for an organization pursuing sustainability?
  • You write about the ‘Sustainable Values Set®, why do you think that values are so important?
  • You include a six-step process a company can use to become sustainable – how easy is it?
  • If a company was going to do just one thing – what would you suggest?

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