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Podcast: Turn Networking Events Into Revenue

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Podcast: Turn Networking Events Into RevenueTony Wilkins is the host of the Internet sensation Small Business Forum Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/tonywilkins with over 125,000 listeners worldwide. Mr. Wilkins is also the publisher of Small Business Forum Magazine, Foodie Quarterly, and Podium Magazine. In addition he has launched a successful booking service for authors and speakers. His new book The Career Whisperer will be out Jan 2016.

Turn Networking Events Into Revenue

  • How do you avoid networking with people that only want to sell you something?
  • What do you do with all those business cards?
  • Is it more about quantity of people you meet or quality?
  • How do you determine whether or not someone is worth the follow up?
  • What networking mistake must you avoid at all costs?

To learn more about Tony Wilkins books, magazines, booking service or boot camp for speakers and authors, e-mail him directly at awil267487@aol.com. Also to be sure to tune in to my radio show Small Business Forum Radio Fridays at 3:30pm Pacific.

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