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Podcast: The Risk You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Biz

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Business BalanceTom Bullen is with Premier Risk Management, the risk management advisory arm of AETHOS Consulting Group, a hospitality focused executive search and human capital services firm. AETHOS speaks with hospitality companies around the world and hears the concerns of CEOs and leadership, and the question of risk is always top of their minds.

The Risk You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Biz

  • What do you mean by “risk” and what kinds of risk should companies be on the lookout for?
  • What kind of dangers can occur if a company is unprepared for certain levels of risk? Can you share an example?
  • The world of risk and insurance is complex and dynamic. Have CEOs always found risk management difficult?
  • Or have technology and other societal forces made it even more complicated today?
  • Are issues of risk present in all businesses or are there certain businesses that are more exposed than others?

The world of insurance and risk management is a complex one and the risks that businesses faces every day are dynamic. The first step is for CEOs and CFOs to admit they don’t know how much they don’t know about protecting their business. Corporate leaders can work with objective risk management professionals who  will advocate on your behalf to ensure that all the risks you face are properly identified, mitigated and periodically reviewed. To go it alone can be very dangerous and the stakes are incredibly high.

For more information, visit www.aethoscg.com and click onto services. You will see a dropdown for OUTSOURCED RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTING.

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