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Podcast: Disruptive Leadership Is A Good Thing

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Podcast: Disruptive Leadership Is A Good ThingFortune 500 Corporate Talent Expert, Speaker & Consultant, Angela Nuttle, is the author of From Invisible to Incredible: The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence joins us today to discuss disruptive leadership and why it’s a GOOD THING!

Disruptive Leadership Is A Good Thing

  • When we talk about disruptive leadership, what does that really mean and what is your personal experience with it?
  • Why is disruptive leadership critical for economic growth?
  • Who are the people that are being disruptive in today’s business world and how are they perceived?
  • What are the 4 obstacles that get in the way that get of us fully embracing disruptiveness?
  • What can businesses do to facilitate disruptive leadership so they can survive in tomorrow’s business world?

 To learn more about Angela Nuttle, disruptive leadership,her speaking services as well as her book From Invisible to Incredible:  The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence  visit www.schoolofexecutivepresence.comYou can also learn more about how she helps CEOs, business leaders, and HR Teams discover, develop, and remodel their talent for profitable business results by visiting www.corporatetalentexpert.com

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