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Podcast: Give Life To Your Courage

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 Give Life To Your CourageFrom serving in the Israel Defense Forces to returning to the States, Dorit Sasson has mustered the courage to translate her experiences into her soon-to-be released memoir Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dorit talks about courage on different levels including what courage looks like in building your business. She podcasts weekly around the theme of courage for her weekly show, “Giving Voice to Your Courage.”

 Give Life To Your Courage

  • What are the three things business owners need to know about implementing courage in their business?
  • How do you help authors give voice to their courage?
  • What is the #1 most important tip you can provide our listeners about courage as a mindset?
  • What is the #1 secret to living a courageous life?
  • What do you want readers to learn from your book?

Dorit Sasson, author of Accidental Soldier and creator of Giving Voice to Your Courage podcast, wants to help business owners and authors make more courageous decisions from an aligned place of authenticity and passion. Connect with her at www.doritsasson.com


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