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Podcast: The Loneliness of Leadership

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Podcast: The Loneliness of LeadershipExecutive search professional, Keith Kefgen, is often referred to as a “king maker.”  Recruiting C-Suite leaders for hospitality companies over the last two decades has given Keith an insight into what makes leaders tick. His book, The Loneliness of Leadership gives us a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to become a top leader. One of the realizations is that leadership is often a very solitary state of being.

The Loneliness of Leadership

  • What are the attributes of a successful leader?
  • Is it really lonely at the top?
  • Can leaders be happy and satisfied at the same time?
  • How does intuition play a role in leadership success?
  • Where should one start in becoming a great leader?

If you are interested in becoming a great leader, or want to learn how to work most effectively with a great leader, please visit Keith’s website at www.aethoscg.com where you can order the book, watch his award winning movie “Power of Advice” and download research on the fundamentals of service leadership.

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