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Podcast: The 2025 Leadership Crisis In Corporate America

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 The 2025 Leadership Crisis In Corporate AmericaDr. Nanette Miner is the Founder of and Managing Consultant for The Training Doctor, which helps companies develop their workforce. Dr. Miner says that with Baby Boomers retiring and Gen X being a MUCH smaller generation, corporate America will be forced to promote Millennials to management and leadership positions much earlier than they will be prepared to handle. This will be a crisis that will bring corporate America to its knees – within the next 10 years – if they don’t act now to prevent it. 

The 2025 Leadership Crisis In Corporate America

  • What is the reason that the Millennials are lacking in leadership skills?
  • What ARE the skills that they’re lacking?
  • What can corporate America do – today – to overcome the leadership skills crisis?
  • Can you really teach someone how to think?
  • What future workplace problems can be solved today by developing thinking skill?

Dr. Nanette Miner has a passion for workplace learning – where time is of the essence and performance is a non-negotiable. You can reach The Training Doctor at 843-647-6304 and on the web at www.trainingdr.com

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