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Podcast: Improve Your Business by Being Customer-centric

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Client At Shop Paying At Cash RegisterRob Bellenfant is the founder and CEO of TechnologyAdvice, which is a company that helps businesses find the right technology solution for their needs, and helps business technology vendors find the customers for their products. Bellenfant specializes in IT, sales, marketing, and talent development, and is focused on innovating ways to help people and businesses grow and succeed.

Improve Your Business by Being Customer-centric

  • How does being customer-centric benefit your growing business?
  • What did you find businesses were struggling with when it came to technology, and what was your solution?
  • Why is it important for you to consider your community as a customer?
  • How do you work to ensure your team is engaged and motivated to provide the best service for your customers and deliver the most value for your company?What are some basic steps small business owners can take to be more customer-centric and grow their business?

You can learn more about Rob by connecting with him on LinkedIn. He’s very active there! For more information on how TechnologyAdvice helps businesses grow and succeed, you can visit them online at www.TechnologyAdvice.com or follow them on Twitter at @Technology_Adv

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