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How to Draft a Winning Team

To make your team a winner you’ll need to isolate and assemble the attributes that lead to success.

Gold medal winnerWho are the people that work hard to help you succeed? Where and how do you engage your team members? Do you meet in coffee shops, online, meeting rooms, at the gym, or by phone? Are you courteous, on time, and prepared? Where do you do your best work?

How do you engage you team in meaningful ways that support your goals and meet your challenges? Do your appointments strictly focus on your agenda or do they deviate and get distracted? Does a friend help you with challenges more than your team specialist? Know who your best team players are, and how to access them when you need them.

Who are all the people that make up your team? Friends, business associates, neighbors, cab drivers, groups, people at the gym or in the park, you’ll also find them in less than obvious places, even at the coffee shop! Look around and source the folks you need. Who do you see on a regular basis? Are they helpful or distracting? I know a grocery bagger who habitually shares uplifting comments that perk up my energy. Even when rushed to pick up food between meetings I can count on them as a part of my team. I also have a very supportive friend that can talk awhile so I need to carefully work them into my busy schedule to stay on task.

Service providers can be pivotal to your success.

Are yours fully invested in your approach or do they hold something back or constantly upsell you to something else you don’t yet need? Find people that meet your immediate needs and are eager to serve you only what you need this moment.

Winning teams have great coaches. What type of coach will serve your goals? There are many styles of professional coaching available. Many coaches have specialties based on their experience. They can be life, creativity, executive, life purpose, career, health to name a few types. Which kind do you need and for what parts of your projects? One advantage of using a coach is that they can serve a specialized need so you can resolve challenges and move forward quickly.

Every winning team strategy relies upon the relationships within the team. Team relating is circuitous. You serve the team so the team can serve you. Work all dimensions of your team in meaningful ways — mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. What do you bring to the team? How do you nurture your team? What do you expect from your team?

To have a winning team you have to nurture the win— that means you need to care for your team.

Find ways to replenish the energy and effort spent to help you and your team will flourish. This series is inspired by my book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life and Friendship. I’m sharing a number of posts about how you can create a winning team and fulfill your plan of action for success.


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