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Confidence Is About Expectations: Expect To Do Your Best

A confident person expects to succeed where others fear the attempt.

Authentic confidence, is about expectations. You just better get real about your expectations.

Genuine confidence is not surety in a particular outcome. It’s knowing that you’ve done everything you can do to train and prepare for this opportunity or challenge. Confidence doesn’t mean you know you’re going to win, it’s the feeling you have when you know you’ve trained for the fight and you deserve to be in the ring.

When you train hard, you expect to do your best. That’s authentic confidence.

Ultimately, that’s about all you can do to influence the outcome.

Unless you’ve trained, you probably wouldn’t try to break a board with your bare hand.

Why not?

You don’t expect the board to break. You probably expect your hand to break!

A five year old kid can break a board, once he’s trained himself to do it. Training changes your expectations. Once you’ve learned the technique and put in the practice, breaking a board with your bare hand is simple.

The reality is that your hand is much tougher than the board once you know the trick and you’ve done the training. (Yup, there’s a trick to it…sorry!)

You don’t have to be a Black Belt or a fighter to apply this concept. Training and preparation are the essential ingredients for confidence in any area of life, from breaking boards to breaking into the boardroom.

Keep it simple.

Anytime you need to train and prepare for a major presentation, a sales pitch, a big test, an important project, a sporting event, starting a family; here’s a simple strategy:

  • Start early
  • Create a clear plan
  • Train
  • Keep training
  • Do it again

And when you step in the ring expect to do your best.

One of my boxing trainers used to tell us, “You don’t win a fight in the ring.”

The he’d add…

“You can lose a fight in the ring…you win EVERY fight in the gym.”

There it is.

Training and preparation give you the confidence to expect your best.

Simple, not easy!

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