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Beginner’s Mind

The mind of the true Master is really “Beginner’s Mind.”

When I passed my test, my Master gave me a beautiful, deep, rich, dark black belt. In that moment, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It came with a story…

Master said that if I continued my life as a martial artist, that I would tie and untie this belt thousands of times. I’d be dragged across the floor in it. I’d saturate that belt with buckets of blood, sweat and tears.

He also said that eventually, my belt would fade. The beautiful dark black would turn gray. The black covering would fray and fall away.

After nearly 25 years of wearing that belt, the black cover has indeed faded and worn away. Under that black outer covering is a core…

…the core is white.

The white core of my belt is intended to remind me to embrace each new day with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

It reminds me never to allow myself to be jaded by knowledge and experience, but, through self-awareness, to temper that knowledge and experience into wisdom…

…and to share that wisdom with others – humbly and unconditionally.

Most of all, it reminds me that what I have yet to learn is far more important than what I already know.

This is Beginner’s Mind…the mind of the true Master.

(And it works pretty good in business and the rest of life too!)

“Perfection is not a destination – it’s a never-ending journey…Enjoy!” – Jim Bouchard

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