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Podcast: Keys To Healing the Workplace Culture

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Keys To Healing the Workplace CultureDanna Beal, M.Ed. is  a workplace culture expert, international speaker, coach and author of The Extraordinary Workplace:  Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion. She has been the keynote speaker and workshop leader for over 300 businesses on her new model for “Enlightened Leadership”; creating harmony, teamwork, engagement, and extraordinary success.

Keys To Healing the Workplace Culture

  • Could you describe the current workplace culture and why it needs healing?
  • What is the source of all the internal competition?
  • What is the difference between an enlightened leader and an ego driven-leader?
  • What is the biggest mistake leaders or managers make and how can they change that?
  • What is the key to teamwork?

Learn more workplace culture expert Danna Beal and her book The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion and her website is www.dannabeal.com. You can also join her at Facebook/Healing the Workplace Culture.
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