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Blogging Beneath The Sway Of Creative Bliss

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.I’ve been blogging for a while and just discovered another layer of techno skill I need to master.

Part of me feels surprised and a little dismayed at learning some simple things that seem obvious now, but clearly didn’t really register in my brain before. Now I’m really amazed that I could be successfully blogging online for so long without knowing what I just learned.

Creativity is like that. If you just wade in you’ll never know what will happen. You can’t count on the depth you’ll traverse or where the bottom is or what’s down there? You may act stupidly, and you could get hurt. But the truth to hold is that you could accomplish amazing things under the influence of such creative bliss.

The call of your creative muse is one of charm. She invites you with special words and colorful imagery all to entice your senses. It feels like something wakes in your yappy brain and grabs your focus, and with happier heart beats your soul starts singing. Musing you take blind risks and make something happen. You discover the new and see the old in a new light.

Blogging, I’ve definitely jumped into something I never thought I could do.

And if I had given it more thought I probably wouldn’t have tried to blog. Now I have two blogs, guest post and still publish my newsletter. And I just learned something that most bloggers knew from the start. Without knowing much I just started to blog!

When some people jump in the lake they pinch their nose and squeeze their eyes shut. Not much of a swimmer I didn’t jump in anything deeper than my knees, so I never understood why they shut out these senses. Swimmers tell me it’s because of the unpleasant feelings of water rushing, so they’re blocking out what’s feels uncomfortable while finding a way to jump anyway. Intentional or uninformed we need to exercise our creative muscle.

In the world of creating I’m not sure if it matters that we know what we’re doing, or not doing. I think it matters that we create. When you feel under the influence of your muse or just itchy to make something happen – wade in… you’ll learn what you need along the way.  After all our greatest skill is the ability to create.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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