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You Are Not an Accident

There is no one else on Earth exactly like you.

There are others who share some of your skill sets or who have come from the same DNA pool from which you came.  But there is no one else ever in the history of humanity who has your DNA combination, had your train of experiences, received your particular education, was influenced by your extended family, neighbors, coaches, etc., who has worked at the various jobs you’ve held, and there is no one else who knows what you know for sure.

There is a specific Life Assignment for YOU.

And even better, you were perfectly matched to it.  Your skills, talents, and abilities, personality, and characteristics are exactly what’s needed to complete your unique Assignment. You have characteristics and skills you may not now be aware of.  You have talents you haven’t yet tapped.  For example, you may be a person who shifts quickly from fear to coping.

This may not seem significant to you, but it’s the core characteristic of first responders like firefighters, police and combat soldiers.  In the event of a crisis, the ones who survive are the ones who are able to set their fears aside and figure out what to do to survive.  Another characteristic you may never have considered is the ability to adapt to different people and environments.  People who easily adapt, land on their feet despite whatever adversity comes their way.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life now.

You may have failed in business or in relationships.  Regardless, you can start today to create success in every area of your life.  The very first step is to get hold of your personal power.  Understand that you are special.  You are unique.  There is something for you to do for which you were perfectly matched, and when you find it, you will flow in it at genius level.  And here’s the best part:  when you begin to move confidently toward finding and fulfilling your Life Assignment, you are moving toward having all five points of prosperity, which are good relationships, improved health, peace, joy, and financial prosperity.


Rhonda Sciortino, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.