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Success The Write Way

There are as many pathways to success as there are people who dream of a better life, a better world.

Success is a personal statement that one writes for his or her own life.   Only you can write your success statement, why not begin viewing success the write way?

Writing is one common denominator among those who share the prize of success. Successful people write. Documenting your thoughts and feelings helps you to bring them into a focus point so that you can execute them. Henriette Klauser in Write It Down, Make It Happen proposes writing to activate the RAS (Reticular Activation System) in your brain , the brain control center which sorts and evaluates data.

Writing about your success activates the RAS in your brain stem. Everybody has a RAS, actively use yours by writing your goals to target success.  RAS activation does not require convoluted contortions or regimented procedures. Writing for success should be simple, liberating.

Steps to Success Writing

  • Freeform, free flow.  Let your ideas germinate, let your mind flow. Just ramble. Write whatever thoughts come to mind.  Just doddle along. Otherwise, you may write about a specific situation or problem but don’t try to limit what comes to mind. At this point you are not looking for a solution, you are problem-solving in the abstract.
  • Make a list. Put on paper a column of what could or could not happen. Pros and cons – nothing more. Write your list to exhaustion, think of possibilities and probabilities or other options and then dig deeper to think of more. Written lists are an extremely useful problem-solving tool. Write your list, resolve the dilemma.
  • Write for an ending.  Success writing can bring closure. Whether you doddle, sketch or write longhand, you are writing to stretch your imagination. Take yourself to that often buried outcome that you have sequestered, usually due to fear that it is too daunting, improbable, and write the ending. Make your goal, no matter how deeply recessed, personal and alive by writing about it and what the achievement end will be.
  • Generate confidence. Success writing does not depend upon brawn or brain. What you are authoring as the coveted writer is for you. At this point you are acknowledging the premise and promise of your ideas; you are beginning to believe with assured confidence that success according to your connotation is not optional. When you write, you generate what it takes to make things happen.

The act of writing, instead of brain volleyball, is powerful. Committing your ideas to paper supersedes thinking or even talking about them. Writing documents what’s in your psyche and pushes you toward outward success that only you can imprint.

Solve problems, organize your thoughts, and document your goals using pen and paper. Write to resolve fears, build confidence, deal with grief, or sort out solutions. Whatever, just write. Writing is cathartic; words on paper can guide your success.

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