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Podcast: Working from Home: Disruption or Genius Design?

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Podcast: Working from Home: Disruption or Genius Design?Rebecca Barth is an entrepreneur, humorist, and author who has worked from home for over 9 years, leading teams, employees, and customers at a distance. She delivers keynotes sharing how igniting passion at work doesn’t look the same as it did 20 years ago…and today we’ll discuss the work from home trend and whether it’s genius design or a bug disruption,

Working from Home: Disruption or Genius Design?

  • Why are we seeing more and more employees working from home?
  • Is working from home a bad disruption or a positive perk?
  • What are the challenges that face those who work from home and how do you overcome those?
  • What are some of the work-from-home myths?
  • How do I convince a manager that working from home will increase productivity?

Learn more about incorporating unique ideas into your workplace by visiting RebeccaBarth’s website at www.rebeccabarth.com. You can also join her on Twitter at @RebeccaRejoices. Are you looking to spur creativity, increase employee and customer engagement, and ignite passion at work? Leverage levity. Bring Rebecca to your next meeting or event by webinar or in person.

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