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Podcast: Overcoming Fear Of Stuttering

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Overcoming Fear Of StutteringBill Deering is a motivational speaker who overcame his stutter to present to over 12,000 students nationwide. Bill shares his story on how he overcame his fear of stuttering and become an inspiration to others.  Bill shares how he turned what he thought was the biggest problem in his life to a big advantage in his life.

Overcoming Fear Of Stuttering

  • What challenges did you have as a child who stuttered since the age of seven?
  • When did you decide to embrace your stuttering?
  • How did you overcome it?
  • What three ways can others overcome ANY challenge?
  • What one piece of advice would you give our listeners?

To learn more about Bill Deering and where he is speaking next, please visit his site www.stuttering-disability-motivational-speaker.com This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. JenningsWire is capturing the heart of America with its rich community of talented, insightful and relevant bloggers and podcasters! Please visit Jenningswire.com and discover the blogger just right for you.

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