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Podcast: #TryHarder

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Podcast: #TryHarderToday’s guest is radio host, programmer and consultant, Chase Patrick Murphy, author of the book #TryHarder and creator of the #Tryharder philosophy – a way of thinking that encourages readers to stop, take a moment and do the right thing. To try a little harder in life and be aware of the people and the world around you. To do right by others and make the additional effort to improve not just your situation, but theirs, as well. #Tryharder.


  • What inspired you to start the blog that has now become two books?
  • How did #Tryharder begin and why has it taken off?
  • To what do you attribute the popularity of the #Tryharder Facebook group?
  • Have any of the celebrities you have met over the years ever influenced a blog or chapter in the book?
  • What are the biggest takeaways you hope people get from reading the book?

#Tryharder is a book of short stories based on real life experiences and daily observations that plant the seed of change – one bad parking job at a time!  Learn more about Chase and the #Tryharder philosophy at www.chasemradio.com.

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