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Obstacles Are Opportunities

Oops, you stumble and fall.

Someone else gets the promotion you craved. The person you love walks away. You are told a woman can’t be a welder. These obstacles, no matter how painful, have a lesson for you. Each scenario, whatever it may be, is a moment in your life for you to create success.

How can an obstacle become an opportunity? Obstacles become opportunities when you shift your perspective. Instead of focusing on the hurt, loss or discrimination, probe for opportunity. In spite of the setback, begin to consider what is best for you.

Release inner fears that block you from achieving in the face of obstacles. Pause, pay attention to your mental thoughts. If you are not careful, you begin to believe you deserve to be hurt. You can learn to accept that women aren’t supposed to do certain jobs and give up in despair. You play the spoiled fruit routine, thinking you didn’t want the promotion anyway. HA!  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Obstacles exist, so do opportunities.

Not to worry. You can climb this, or any, obstacle.  The first step for a climber is to think positive. View life challenges as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle. Be of good resolve. Examine your life lessons, obstacles, with a positive frame of mind.

So what if you stumped your toe. Think positive. Yes, you were rejected, look ahead and be positive.  The sting and pain from an obstacle is only temporary if you allow it to be. The world did not end nor did your opportunities end.  Brush it off and consider better options.

Ask yourself: What am I to learn from this experience?  This positive mindset, along with your internal determination to build a better future, will guide you to spectacular opportunities. You will be better, you will be promoted or start your own business, you will achieve.

Opportunities are rewards for perseverance. When you decide you will not be deterred, you will get back up again, you will be loved and respected, then almost like a talisman, grander opportunities appear.  The truth is, opportunities have always surrounded you; you just have to know they exist.

Right mind, right results.

Achievers set the pace for their lives. Successful people positively believe.  Positive thinking and goal-setting do lead to ultimate gratification. It does not matter the mistakes, the stumbles, or the setbacks you have experienced. That is the past, use the obstacle as your alert to re-evaluate.

“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals – Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want” ~Marsha Sinetar

Think. Think about what you want. Spend no time or energy on what was done in the past, think only about what you want. Live in the power of now.  Then, get busy by seeking opportunities that resonate with what you want. Be specific about what you really want, set measurable markers along the way.

Long no more.

Set goals. A goal is specific and measurable. Results that match or exceed your goals start out with the right mindset.  Revise your intentions. Behavioral scientist, such as Joe Vitale, has proven that a thought without specific and measurable intention is only a vague longing. Wishing, longing for a better outcome, produces no results. Believe with unshakable resolve that everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

Wish no more, despair no more. Reach your goal. Learn the lesson from the obstacle and live your life knowing that you are meant for more, better and bigger.

Obstacles are opportunities, positively believe it.

Anita Jefferson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.