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How Can I Be 50, When I Still Feel 25?

Where did the years go?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was considered the youngster in the crowd?  Somehow the years kept creeping along and now I have a 30-year-old daughter who looks at me as if I’m an old fogey.

I tell her that age is just a number, because I don’t feel my 50+ years.  I’m still vital and forward thinking, looking to the future with excitement and passion.  I don’t plan to have that change any time soon.

In fact, Hale Dwoksin, author of The Sedona Method, states ,”The best way to embrace your age is to look inside and notice that at your core what you are is ageless.”

I have learned several things over the years, which kept me focusing on the brighter side of the aging process.  They are the following:

  1. Do not give in to your negative thoughts about aging.  Accept them as just thoughts and let them leave your mind as quickly as they came in.  When you start over thinking, you create a downcast state of mind, which just adds to your “pity-party” mindset.
  2. Understand the power your emotions have on your ability to live longer and healthier.  Research shows that people who are more positive have a longer life span than those who are negative.  Plus, they suffer from less illnesses and chronic conditions.
  3. Let go of the anticipation that things can go wrong.  Otherwise, you wind up setting yourself up for a problem to happen, when there may actually be none. So stop worrying and be happy.
  4. Try to harness your personal strength from within to overcome adversity.  This means that you do not let yourself get overwhelmed and feel victimized by your circumstances.  Instead, take control and act in a manner that would bring you the results you want.
  5. Follow a healthy lifestyle.  The experts harp on the importance of eating well and exercising because these choices have been proven to be the most effective tools for aging gracefully.  By eating foods containing antioxidants, you are helping your body counter the ill effects of an environment filled with free radicals (pollution, chemicals, carcinogens and UV rays) that accelerate the deterioration of your cells and impact your appearance and overall health.

In essence, always remember to keep growing in your personal awareness, so that you are constantly living in a state of self-discovery and excitement.

Be prepared to go on a journey of exploration to find new aspects of yourself, you never knew existed. You may be surprised to learn that while you may be “over the hill” chronologically, you can still live your life with the enthusiasm and lightheartedness of your youth.

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