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Do You Find a Way to Win or a Way to Lose? There May Be an Inner Browns Fan in All of Us

It’s not easy being a Browns Fan. We have endured a change of coach every 2 and a fraction years.

Close up of an american football on the field, players in the baThe Browns have had 13 starting quarterbacks since 1999, 22 quarterbacks that have played in parts of games, and 3 different owners in 16 years. Why is this important to you? You may or may not know the difference between a football and a basketball. The lessons apply to all of us regardless of our sports IQ.

There are as many lessons to be learned as losses in these painful 16 years. Let’s just take 2015 and the 9 losses so far this season. Here’s to the 9 lessons to be learned from the Cleveland Browns 9 losses.

  •  Winners Find Ways to Win and Losers Find Ways to Lose. Period. With seconds left on the clock, the Browns attempted a field goal to win the tied game. Not only did the field goal not make it to the end zone, it resulted in a touchdown for the other team with no time left. Do you look for ways to win or ways to lose?
  • Winners Do the Mundane. Clock management seems basic. We all know how to tell time. Learning how to tell football time is different. May not be as sexy as throwing a game winning touchdown or catching a game winning touchdown, but in this case it pretty much lost the game. 27 seconds ticked off the clock at the end of the game because the coaching staff mismanaged the clock. Are you willing to do the mundane?
  • Leaders inspire others to have confidence in themselves. The Browns don’t have confidence in themselves. The coach was going to go for two points early in the game and then changed his mind and went for one point. Apparently he didn’t have confidence that his team could make the two points How can you inspire confidence when you don’t have confidence?
  • Focus. The Johnny Manziel circus has been the focus not the team. If you chase two rabbits they both will get away.
  • Be Authentic to Your Strengths. Don’t try to be what you are not. The problem is I don’t know what Mike Pettine’s strengths are, if any. I don’t know if he knows his strengths and has not been authentic to them or he does not know them. He looks tough but did not hold a tough training camp. He is supposed to know defense, but the defense is not good.
  • Stand Up to Slackers or you lose the committed players. Week 10 the Browns stood up to their slacker player, Johnny Football. They already lost the committed players and fans.
  • Play the best player whether you like him or not. There are some really high priced players on the side lines.
  • Can never bring enough great character, leadership to a team. If the Browns have great character it is hidden by the less than great character.
  • Coach must be a goal setting creature. Was the head coach’s goal to be fired? To coach an embarrassing team? What were his goals, to be present in training camp was not a goal, to follow team rules was not a goal, what were his goals. Every man, woman, and child in NE Ohio should know.

Do you find ways to win or do you find ways to lose?


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