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Evolving Or Stagnating?

Evolving Or Stagnating?“You can’t wait for inspiration. Sometimes you have to go after it with a club.” ~ Jack London

Self-evolution is the ongoing process of change that allows us to recreate and create from our core. We’re powerful creators and continuously changing. As we unfold, we awaken to the limitless possibilities in us. What choices are you making to reshape your present and mold your future both individually and collectively?

We can create from our hearts and minds, our dreams and our visions. Despite what we see as our present reality—poverty, dissent, greed, war and selfishness, which is limited and limiting—we have the capacity and the responsibility to strive to shift it into something better for ourselves and for future generations.

In our evolutionary process, we can create new forms of expression, interaction, partnerships and even new systems. More than ever our future and survival, individually and collectively reside in how we approach the challenges of today and tomorrow. How ready are we to recognize that our outcomes must include an astute awareness of cooperation with one another and with nature?

Nothing is really separate. Self-evolution is not a solo process; we recognize the interrelatedness of all.

The co-creative process is powerful and far-reaching. Imagine like-minds of peace, cooperation and collaboration with the incredible power they can wield with one another and on this planet.

We have the ability to evolve consciously and use the power of deliberate self-direction. As we do, we learn, grow and expand ourselves, our consciousness and our world.  We’re agents of change of great magnitude; acknowledge that truth and claim it. You can shape your own evolutionary destiny and transform yourself. Tread responsibly and gently.

The key is your conscious awareness and conscious intention. Mold and refine you as you would an art work, a book, architectural design or musical score. They don’t just appear; they take form, substance and meaning when you apply deliberate action.

Self-evolution also requires patience —patience primarily with yourself.

It doesn’t hurt to throw in a good measure of humor, humility and self-love. Constantly berating or finding fault with the creation— YOU, doesn’t always lead to a better solution. It can erode your sense of purpose and self-worth. Claim and reclaim your own value and your built-in ability to change, transform and grow. Even small steps toward your goal or vision do wonders for your mental state and your ability to keep on keeping on. With progress, your mood improves and your desire to move ahead is stronger.

Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer tracked the day-to-day activities, emotions, and motivation levels of hundreds of workers in a variety of settings to determine the top performance motivator.  In their research findings  progress ranked first. When participants felt they were making progress on whatever they were working on — even incremental progress—they felt more positive and more motivated.

You can also be more upbeat and feel more accomplished as you decisively steer yourself ahead. Note your progress, herald it, write about and give yourself some slack when you’re moving slowly. Remind yourself, it’s not a race, but a journey, and reward yourself lovingly and pleasantly along the way.

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