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Become a Practice Teacher

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

~Dr. Howard Thurman

Practice what you teach; that’s all it takes to be a practice teacher. Start today by noticing what you practice successfully (meaning what you are good at) and begin teaching that.

Rather than search all over the world for meaning, practice teach what has meaning for you right now.  Modify your inner world-that what you know, practice and teach-to create your outer world.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive.

That’s what you practice teach to the world.  Touch what is intrinsic to you inside.  Magnify and illumine that gift of an alive spirit within you and then glow in your happiness.  You will feel an increased self-worth, gain in purpose identity, and sprint to new levels of success when what you practice and then teach is synchronized to your belief and action.

You already sense what is meaningful to you. That true purpose of yours is there, but it may take some changes in your learned automatic responses to uncover “meaning” that has been buried because of fear, tradition, criticism, doubt or other internalized limitations.

To become a practice teacher, you have to open up to life and leave all of your obstacles behind.

Here is how to begin to practice, teach, and live a life of success:

  1. Get into alignment. Akaya Windwood, president of the Rockwood Leadership Institute suggests using mindful activities such as meditation or yoga to shift into stronger alignment with your innate passion to come alive. She says, “These practices help people to determine what’s meaningful to them and get aligned with these interests.” Or, create a mantra that magnifies your passion.  The point with alignment is create inner and outer congruency to live out alive.
  2. Seek opportunities.  Search for opportunities in your life, whether its career or personal, to practice teach what is meaningful to you. Toss out your fears and do it, find opportunities that give you the freedom to make a contribution.  Opportunities are out there, step into an existing one or create your own opportunity.  It is up to you to find compatible ways to practice and teach what you value. Read Making Good.
  3. Get out of a bind. Get away from whatever is binding you. Get out of the mental ropes that strap your mind. Eliminate your limits, resist useless tradition.  Push back, investigate truth, examine meaning for yourself. Really search your mental attitude and rid yourself of oppressive coils of expectation. Trash mental clutter and open up to fresh, new possibilities and begin to practice teach what is bind-less to you.
  4. Make a list. Now that you are open, ready to change and explore your intrinsic meaning of living alive and awakened, make your own life list. John Goddard made his “life list” of things he wanted to do at the age of fifteen. He wrote 127 goals or experiences that were meaningful to him-he came alive.  Write your life list, live alive.

Active passion, that may or may not be guided by a life list, is one practice of the successful and fulfilled. Every person has a passion for something.  The achievement key is to get your practice teaching certificate by living your purpose and passion now.  Come alive.


Anita Jefferson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.