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A Little Self Indulgence Goes A Long, Long Way

“Treat yourself,” I heard my heart whisper.  And so I did.  

“Thank you, they’re beautiful,” I said aloud to myself as I dropped the Spring Bouquet loosely into the crystal vase in the bay window…

When was the last time you splurged a little on yourself?  Do you regularly take a little extra time just for you, or have you somehow found yourself last in your own line?  Saying “yes” to the new dress, opting a 15 minute driving detour to explore a new place, or simply picking yourself up a bouquet of fresh flowers, can elevate your mood, increase your esteem, boost your energy level and renew your Spirit.

It feels so easy, and so natural to romance the ones we love, but really ask yourself, “When was the last time I romanced ME?”   

(And NO, bi-annual pedicures don’t count; and while we’re at it, NO, business trips are not vacations.  Sorry.)

Investing time and energy in your Self is critical, especially if you ever hope to invest in anyone, or anything else.

To be a source of light and service in the world, you must nurture and refresh your own Spirit; you simply cannot give away what you do not have within you to give.  Replenishing your mind and heart set can be as easy as slipping into the backyard for a moment of peace and quiet, alone on the grass, underneath the shade of a giving tree, where your thoughts meet a gentle, allowing silence.

Fresh flowers on your nightstand, a long call with an old friend, enrollment in that class you keep considering —  what does your heart desire?

Here are ten fast, fun ways to indulge your Self and lift your Spirit, starting right now:

1. Plant or purchase your favorite flowers.

2, Entertain your creative side, and enroll in a writing, painting, music or dance workshop.

3. Forget proper instruction and dance in your living room with reckless abandon. Just turn the music UP, and let it move you!

4. Meet your friends for happy hour.  Camaraderie, laughter, sharing, and valued connection are priceless.  (And, all you have to do, is say, “yes.”)

5. Buy the shoes…

6. Commit to a weekly pedi/mani treatment.

7. Make Friday mornings, ‘Coffee House Mornings’, and stop for your favorite piping hot or icy blended treat.

8. Send a Love Note, to your Self.  (If you feel like it, include a self addressed stamped envelope, and send a reply; thank yourself for the kind acknowledgment and loving recognition.  Why not?)

9. Take a hike. Literally!  Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of nature, and leave the details of daily life behind, if only for a little while.

10. Sleep in.  (No really!   You won’t miss anything, I swear.)  When your body speaks, LISTEN, especially if it’s asking for rest.  We think clearly, feel our best physically, are better focused mentally and more emotionally balanced when we are rested, and ready for the journey ahead.

How will YOU treat your Self today?

You not only deserve a little self indulgence, you actually need it!  You’re here to do BIG things, and big things require the very best of what we’ve got to give.

Just remember: Give to your Self first.  It’s not selfish — it’s smart.

We can only give that which is within us to give away.

EnJoy the time you spend…with YOU!

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