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Streamlined ‘Passpoint’ WiFi Coming

WiFi connects us everywhere, such as in parks, subways, airplanes, coffee shops and public WiFi hotspots.

The WiFi Alliance says there are more than a million hotspots worldwide, and a report by market research company Informa Telecoms and Media (Informa.com) that Wifi hotspot numbers are set to grow to 5.8 million globally in the next four years.

While all this wonderful WiFi is everywhere, there are issues with seamless connectivity and security that can be alleviated with cooperation from the larger ISPs and device manufacturers. Right now, public WiFi is wide open and vulnerable to wireless sniffers. Without a virtual private network like Hotspot Shield VPN, the data on your wireless devices are vulnerable to criminals.

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ will transform the way users connect to WiFi hotspot networks by making the process of finding and getting access to the right network seamless. It also provides user connections with WPA2™ security protection, enabling you to feel confident that your data is safe. Mobile devices that are certified for Passpoint, such as handsets and tablets, can still be used in existing hotspots. However, when you are in a Passpoint-enabled hotspot, you’ll discover a newly smooth connectivity experience.

An added benefit to seamless WiFi means less data usage on a carrier’s 3/4G network. With carriers pretty much nixing unlimited data use, consumers are finding they have to upgrade their data plans so they don’t go over their limit. With Passpoint, data usage will go down when WiFi connections happen effortlessly.

This is all great news for millions of people now using their wireless digital devices exclusively.

But always keep in mind that no matter what you are using—a laptop, tablet, reader or mobile phone—wireless is inherently insecure and until Passpoint becomes as ubiquitous, a VPN such as Hotspot Shield VPN is as an essential layer of defense for your wireless devices.

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