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Podcast: What Aura Colors Reveal About Us

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What Aura Colors Reveal About UsPamala Oslie can see and sense auras. She has discovered that the different aura colors reveal many things about a person in all areas of life. Pam has appeared on Dr. Oz, The View and more national shows and talks with us today about what our aura colors reveal.

 What Aura Colors Reveal About Us

  • What is an aura? How do you know what color yours is?
  • What do our auras reveal about us?
  • How do the different colors in our aura affect our relationships?
  • What are some of the best careers for the different aura colors?
  • Can anyone learn to see auras?

To discover what your aura colors are, you can go to www.AuraColors.com and take the free aura color quiz. You can also listen to Pam Oslie’s radio show, find out about her books, courses, workshops, private sessions and more on her website.

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