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Can We Ever Find Unity Again?

Can We Ever Find Unity AgainAt the moment, the answer is “probably not soon”.

As a nation we seem to be ideologically divided, pitted against one another by our conflicting beliefs and also by the fact that we’re not all in possession of the same types of information that would help us reach rational and unemotional conclusions.  We will stay polarized beyond the tumultuous election because as a people we are inhabiting very different realities.

This a sad and even dangerous fact.  I have two things to say about it:

The first point has to do with the current state of our journalism, because a large proportion of the population may not have been exposed to many key facts… or may simply not want to know them.  And this does not make for coherent, consistent, well-informed responses.

The second point is a celestial pattern that has been in effect for some time and which is guaranteed to cause discord and disruption.  This pattern astrologically (Uranus conjunct Eris) in and of itself represents turmoil and is affecting many peoples all over the globe, not just our nation… but happens to be especially affecting our nation because of a further celestial pattern against our country’s natal horoscope (…square Mercury).  All of this is to say that the divisiveness, inability to reach a singular view of reality, and a shared and accepted perspective, is contributing to a protracted era of disharmony and polarization.

I don’t have an insight into why this has been cosmically ordained.  Although I can see it, and even see its duration, I can only surmise as to why we must suffer this deep divide that pits us against each other in terms of values, beliefs, passionate causes, and yearning for solutions.  The only thing I can intuit is that we are meant to struggle with this untenable divide, this clash of beliefs, this lack of unity within our society long enough to grow weary of it and to pine for true tolerance, true compromise and true unification.

According to the star patterns, it will not be available until 2018, and perhaps beyond, after which time hopefully a hue and cry is raised for agreed-upon reform and positive transformation of our laws and structures.

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