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When’s the Last Time You Were a Princess?

I’m doing a reading of one of my stories for an upcoming children’s tea party.

Since the character I’m reading about is a dragon, I’ve decided to dress up as a princess for the afternoon.  And you know what?  I’m really excited about it.  Imagine wearing a gown right out of Cinderella – I rented one from the local theater company, and I’m getting my tiara and magic wand tomorrow.  Why am I this excited and happy getting ready to “perform” for some kids?  I think there are three good reasons.

  1. This is something different from my usual schedule.  In mixing it up and doing something out of the ordinary, I’m triggering a whole bunch of new sensations and feelings.  Not only is the novelty taking me out of the same’ole comfort zone, it’s invigorating me and giving me high energy.
  2. I feel like a kid again. Dressing up in a costume and “being someone else” is the stuff of kids’ imaginations.  There are no rules and boundaries here just a great sense of freedom and fun – the essential ingredients of playing.  Any idea of working has disappeared.
  3. I like what I’m doing.  Reading stories to kids may be an absolute nightmare scenario for you but I like it.  And it is a great complement to my writing.  So I end up having the best of both worlds.

Got an idea that’s different than what you typically might do?

Is there a sense of fun and playfulness about it? Know you’re bound to like doing it?  Then chances are you’ve got a big dose of excitement and happiness coming your way.


Kita Szpak is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.