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What Really Inspires You?

People achieve greatness every day.

It really doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime event to show the magnitude of someone’s capabilities.  Being great is stepping up to the plate and doing something out of the ordinary, something that most people would not do.  What makes some people wake up and say “Today I want to make a difference?”

Step outside in nature and just smell the roses to get your creative juices going.

Achieve the impossible ——It’s that deep breath of satisfaction when you finish a difficult project you have been working on “forever.”  Adrenaline runs through your body and just makes you want to do more and more. That skyrocket of self-confidence can really get you going.

Or, maybe you are going through a long journey with your child, looking for answers; trying to sort out what is the best way you can really help.  Whatever your reason, the parent-child bond is one of the strongest motivations out there.

Faith is powerful.

It is that invisible force that helps you realize you can get through anything that is thrown your way.

Sometimes it takes looking at another person to see how they overcome their challenges.  In times of struggle, a good support system can make a huge difference.

It isn’t easy being something great.  It tests our fears and our strengths.  The rewards are unmatched by anything else.  Knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life or that you put your mind to something and did it?

Well, that is pretty amazing….

What inspires you?

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