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Make Time for Yourself and Get Happy

Tweak Your Schedule

Tweaking your daily schedule can make the difference between living a happy life versus slugging it out day after day.  Let’s face it: we all have busy lives with more than enough things that have to get done every day.  Working fills your daytime hours.  Pile on looking after your family and home, and there isn’t much time left for anything else it seems.

Yet it is in the act of “making time” that you create the space to do the things you really want to do.  If work, family and home are eating up your present time, how do you make more time for yourself?  Here are three things you can do:

First, get up earlier.

Initially, this may sound unappealing but if you can imagine having a half hour of quiet all to yourself to do exactly what you want, getting up earlier will become a treat.

Second, make a “to do” list.

If you write down exactly what needs to be done for the day and stick to it, you’ll find you will have more time opening up for yourself.  The rule here is, “Do not add more to the list.”

Third, make time for yourself by piggybacking your activity on another.

Got a book you’re dying to read?  “Listen” to it while you’re picking up your kids from school.  Wanting to fit in some exercise?  Walk up the stairs to your office instead of taking the elevator.  Making a necklace for your sister’s birthday?  Get started on it while watching TV.

You’ll find that when you take the steps to make time for yourself, your life will be that much more satisfying.  And it is precisely this kind of satisfaction that leads you through the door to a happier life.