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Podcast: Planting College In Your Teen’s Future

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Podcast: Planting College In Your Teen's FutureDiane M. Warmsley is a parent, grandparent and former Director of Admissions with the City University of New York. She brings 35 years of experience to the topic of college admission planning. She has poured this wealth of experience into her soon-to-be released book Cash Poor or College? The Essential Guide to College Admissions for Teens & their Parents.

Planting College in Your Teen’s Future

  • What is the #1 reason why parents should be encouraging teens to pursue an education beyond high school?
  • What are the top three actions parents can take to support their teen during the high school years?
  • Name two strategies to boost preparation for college.
  • What is one little-known fact that parents should be aware of?
  • What are three ways that families can reduce the need for student loans?

For more information, listeners can visit Diane Warmsley’s website at essentialcollegeguide.com and learn more about her upcoming book Cash Poor or College? You can also connect with Diane on LinkedIn and Facebook at facebook.com/gocollegego.

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