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Reflecting On Mandela

We all have had a few weeks to reflect on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, an amazing revolutionary who fought for inequities at the risk of his own well being.

His life achievements have changed the world and how we look at violence, inequities, access and privilege. At times, we can think, “he was a great man…” but we too have the ability to make big changes in our culture.  We can stand up for inequity and incivility.  We can say “not on my watch.”

Bullying, harassment and discrimination occur because the organization ALLOWS for it to happen.  However, beyond the organization, from time to time there is an “intervener.” This intervener is a brave soul who stands up for the weaker kid. The intervener says “NO” and fights for fairness. Each of us has that power to stand up for the human rights and defends those who may not be able to defend themselves.

Those who are the target of workplace bullying are often in the less powerful positions. Those in the groups which are the minority (religion, race, appearance, sexual orientation) are more likely to be at the receiving end of workplace hostility.  Self-advocacy and intervention can transform a hostile workplace into an environment that is more tolerable.

While we all have had the privilege of sharing the planet with such a revolutionary and human rights advocate as Nelson Mandela, the revolution doesn’t have to stop with his passing.  In our respective walks of life, we can advocate for civility and fairness and stem the ill effects of workplace bullying.

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