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Does Karma Block Your Rights?

Almost no one speaks of karma when discussing rights, privileges, and equality.

Whereas we are all born equal in the eyes of a Creator, and have bodies and emotions that are similar, hopes and aspirations that aim at happiness, and, most importantly, free will to make our choices, we are not at all similar when it comes to our karma.

From time immemorial, people by their own free will have committed dastardly acts. Many people have been unkind to their fellow human beings, and some have gone so far as to murder, rape, torture, or maim. “Man’s inhumanity to man.” Life, therefore, isn’t really “fair” or “equal” because some of us have very heavy karmic dues to pay off. (Astrologers see these dues as patterns in the horoscope.)

There is much confusion today about building a Utopian society in which everyone has “rights” to a beautiful existence, which may include free healthcare, financial support, education without debt, and a sharing of material resources. In order to achieve such a society, it stands to reason that all of its members must be spiritually evolved. At present, we are far from that attainment.

Here’s the thing: Even if you aspire to be the kindest, most sharing, most openhearted individual, you will probably encounter or be directly affected by a less evolved soul who desires above all power, fame, wealth, or fulfillment of lust.

These younger souls will play various games that will inevitably harm others, or result in others being injured. This fact of human nature is a very important consideration in today’s world, to evaluate the possibility of the longed-for ideal society. It’s an ugly fact, but truth nevertheless. Some people who have experienced this result in their personal interactions know full well that too much idealism or naivete when encountering those of low consciousness can be extremely painful as well as shocking. Not everyone vibrates to your benign level, and not everyone is averse to grabbing opportunity regardless of its outcome to you.

The way harmful people, such as some are, learn not to do so, and to be more evolved and compassionate, is to return to a life (reincarnate) in which they must experience the consequences of the negative karma they have laid down by such doings. This brings us to the issue nowadays in which idealism battles realism; in which gentleness learns what karma is, and how to help but not be harmed by people with negative karmic baggage.

Wisdom, therefore, requires that we tread gingerly regarding the equal embrace of all beings, for some still need spiritual tutoring. In other words, some not-nice people still need their suffering! Earth is school.

Good karma must be earned.

May we all accelerate our evolution so as to mitigate our negative karmic hindrances. And then maybe everyone can be healthy, happy, and fulfilled on Planet Earth.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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