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Podcast: The New Motherhood Journey

E. Danielle Butler of EvyDani Books joins us to share her latest devotional, Thoughts & Prayers for the Postpartum Mom.  She translates the “our thoughts and prayers are with you” cliché into action items to help close the gap between self-care and support for new moms. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, you still need and deserve support during this beautifully challenging time.

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The New Motherhood JourneyThe New Motherhood Journey

  • Why did you write Thoughts & Prayers for the Postpartum Mom and who is this book for?
  • How does depression impact self-care and welcoming a new baby?
  • Does post-partum only refer to depression?
  • What are some of the things that a new mom can do as part of her self-care during the postpartum period?
  • What is the one piece of advice or encouragement you would give to a new mom?

Find out more E. Danielle Butler and her services by visiting www.evydanibooks.com She can also be reached across social media as @EvyDaniB In addition, her children’s book series is growing separately on Facebook as @TheAdventuresofZoeandZachary

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