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Podcast: Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side

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Sue Frederick is an intuitive and bestselling author who draws upon dreams, ancient numerology, powerful intuition, and conversations with spirits to help clients achieve meaningful lives.

In today’s podcast, Sue explores communication with our departed loved ones as well as the concepts presented in her latest book, Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side.  Sue believes that our pain and grief is meant to open our hearts, strengthen our connection to the divine & inspire us to accomplish our soul’s greatest mission and tells us why.

Talking To Loved Ones On The Other Side

  • How do you communicate with the other side? Can others develop this ability?
  • Do our departed loved ones try to communicate with us often? Do we block it out?
  • How can you recognize a sign from the other side?
  • Why do you think we need to communicate? How does it help heal our pain and grief?
  • You say that grief is meant to open our hearts, why is that?

To learn more about Sue Frederick, her books and services please visit SueFrederick.com.

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