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Podcast: Rev Up Your Social Media Strategy With Cognetics

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Arif Mahmood is a social media and technology attorney who advises businesses on social media and technology law and has been cited by the American Bar Association and FoxNews.com.

As founder of Precedent New Media he focuses on the science of influence and how the field of cognetics (the study of how people process and understand complex information) can help small businesses and professionals understand their customers better.

Arif discusses how business professionals can be more effective by using cognetics in their social media strategy.

Create an effective social media strategy using cognetics.

  • What is the science of cognetics is and why it’s important in business?
  • How can cognetics help their social media strategy be more effective?
  • How do language and semantics help create a lasting connection with customers?
  • What is Altruistic Motivation and how does it impact social media strategy?
  • How can businesses get started using cognetics?

To find out more about Arif Mahmood and how he helps businesses implement social media science strategies please visit PrecedentNewMedia.com.

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